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Have You Got 28 Minutes Today???

We are inviting all members of the Fellowship to join us in a 40-day Bible listening program that begins in Lent 2010. This is a dramatic recording of the New Testament that is both engaging and compelling. “You’ve got the time! A Journey of Biblical Faithfulness” is a part of our “It’s Time!” family of resources.  
All participating churches will receive free MP3 discs for each participating member. Each MP3 disc comes loaded with the New Testament. A guide is provided to divide the books and chapters into 40 listening segments of 28 minutes each.  MP3 discs loaded with children’s Bible stories and original songs will be provided for all children in participating congregations.
Why are we providing these? Half of all Christians have never read through the entire New Testament. Many longtime church members are not students of the Bible. This is a beginning to bring us into the living words of Scripture.  
How do we participate? Your pastor will be contacted and invited to participate. You will receive challenges in your church to join other Fellowship Baptists in this initiative. Signups will begin in your church as the start date draws near. If you wish to participate and are not in a CBF church, we’ll have Web links to enhance your participation.
Do we have to do this only during Lent? No, you can participate anytime during 2010. We’re encouraging Fellowship churches to join in during Lent to heighten our awareness of the Easter season. But the main idea is that as a Fellowship we immerse ourselves in the Word of God.
How much does it cost to participate? This program is absolutely free! A generous gift to the Fellowship is making this possible for all who wish to participate. Congregations will be asked to participate in a love offering. All offerings given will go to make recordings for language ministries to support the work of our field personnel.
This is going to be an amazing journey! Join me in listening to the written Word and expect spiritual transformation from the living Word. Be creative in how you use this wonderful tool.

Bo Prosser

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