Haiti Ministries

One month later, Haiti still needs help

Members of several CBF partner churches work to organize medical supplies at North Stuart.

An update on Haiti relief efforts from North Stuart Baptist Church

It has been almost one month since an earthquake overwhelmed the people of Haiti and challenged the faith of many worldwide. Through texts and fundraisers, we have tried to find ways to respond. Now that the aftershock of devastation has calmed, the mission of North Stuart Baptist Church is stronger than ever – to facilitate the delivery of vital medical supplies to Haiti.

Because of the church’s proximity to Missionary Flights International (MFI) (http://www.missionaryflights.org/) in Fort Pierce, Fl., the congregation of North Stuart began collecting supplies almost immediately after disaster hit. “When we realized what a huge opportunity we had for facilitating this ministry, the CBF family stepped in to help,” said Steve Carswell, North Stuart’s Minister of Education. That ministry is now a full-fledged campaign for aid.

To date, more than 800 pounds of medical supplies have been delivered to Haiti from the halls of North Stuart Baptist Church. Generous donations from CBF churches nationwide have arrived by the truckload. With the help of Tommy Deal, associate coordinator for CBF of Florida, and many volunteers, supplies that arrive at North Stuart are quickly sorted and packed onto trucks for delivery to MFI. “We are still very focused on the most immediate needs of those who are in Haiti – medical and surgical supplies, first-aid kits and even bedding,” Carswell said. “Medical professionals perform surgeries, then have to throw away the bedding – they need new linens to continue serving.”

As this article was written, Pastor Ruben Ortiz and a team of volunteers from La Primera Iglesia Bautista de Deltona in Deltona, Fl. were on their way to deliver supplies to North Stuart. The work will continue.

Haiti Quake Response: You can be part of the Fellowship’s response in Haiti. Give and pray. Apply to serve. Stay connected through updates on the CBF blog and the Haiti ministry online community.

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