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How to get search committees to NOT seriously consider you for a staff ministry position at their church.

Some things are just plain common sense and common courtesy when it comes to seeking a ministerial position as you relate to search committees. And yet, these faux pas are committed more often than you would expect. So, here are a few ways to NOT win friends and influence search committees:

  •  Don’t bother to carefully proofread your resume. A few typos never kept anyone from landing a position.
  •  List references of people who do not have much positive to say about you. (And yes, this does happen!)
  •  Be slow to return a phone call from a search committee and don’t send in requested materials in a timely fashion.
  •  Be overly aggressive in relating to committees whom you know have your information; call them frequently; make an uninvited visit to the church. Instigate a letter writing campaign on your behalf.
  •  Share the link to your Facebook page.
  •  Show up for an interview inappropriately dressed. Keep your cell phone turned on during the interview.
  •  Go to the interview unprepared with any questions of your own. 
  • Inquire about salary and compensation early on in the first interview.

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