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Are you on the Lenten Listening Journey?

Listening to the New Testament: A Testimony

“I drive nearly every day to a different client. Sometimes they are in Maryland, sometimes in Virginia. And my car is equipped with a MP3 player. So, starting January 4th (I waited for the new work week), I have been listening to the Bible while I drive. Some days I hear one chapter
(those are the days I go to Gaithersburg or Rockville), and some days I hear several… (last week I went to Manassas VA)…

While the stories are familiar, it is interesting to hear it read aloud. Various voices are used for the different characters and often the voices are
overly dramatic. But, it keeps your attention. And, you may hear an old story in a new way…

The other good thing is when I arrive at my destination (either the clients, or at the end of the day, home), I am in a positive frame of mind. It is
a great way to cope with the stress of DC traffic and still be in touch with God.
Have you started listening yet? Give it a try. I think you will be impressed with how much you know, and how much you learn.

Next I am going to listen to the Kidz version.”
–Jacquie Raymo

Jacquie is a member of Seven Locks Baptist Church in Gaithersburg, MD. Learn more about listening to the Bible at

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