Chile Earthquake Response / General CBF

I just prayed for Chile

Several at CBF’s offices have been meeting during lunch to listen to the scriptures recorded digitally during the season of Lent.  People usually bring a sack lunch and listen to the scriptures during the lunch break.  I have to admit that I normally don’t make it to that group.  Sometimes it’s as simple as not having a lunch in a sack!  

 Today was special because Raquel Contreras joined us—and I had my lunch.  Raquel is president of the Chilean Baptist Convention.  She got caught out of the country when the quake recently struck Chile, and has been networking ever since to aid her country.  

Raquel is a wonderful person.  She’s smart, kind, and engaging.  It is normally a pleasure to be around her, but today her spirit was heavy with all the sad news coming from her country.  A small group joined her in prayer for the situation in Chile.  We were asked specifically to pray for wisdom…wisdom for her and all others in positions of leadership.  I liked her approach.  We all need more wisdom and God’s promised to give us all we need.

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