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Youth Worker Summit

Youth ministry is not exempt when it comes to the need for professional development.  There are a number of conferences and retreats available for youth ministers of all stripes, but I’d like to take a moment to plug one retreat in particular.  Youth Worker Summit will be taking place December 1-4, 2010, at Disney Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  Below is an excerpt from the YWS website ( describing the event.

“The 2010 Youth Worker Summit, an ecumenical gathering, will bring together youth ministry leaders from judicatories and congregations across the country.  Together, we will find Sacred Space to explore our unique experiences and a unified call.  Space to rekindle Christ’s light in our lives.  Space for reassurance, renewal, strength, and hope for us as we serve young people and their families in many different contexts.”

Having attended the previous YWS in 2006, I can attest to the depth and quality of this event.  I’ve attended other national conferences and have appreciated the things I’ve experienced and learned by attending them, but nothing seems to have had the lasting impact on my ministry and my faith as the encouragement and spiritual retreat I received at YWS.  I would encourage anyone that works with youth to consider attending YWS this December.

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