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An Inspiring Moment in Time!

I attended a meeting in Macon, GA, last month that was almost breathtaking in its inspiration. Vineville Baptist Church overflowed with “the over-60 crowd” who had come together from all over the state of Georgia to have lunch and hear Cecil Sherman.

Frank Broome, the Coordinator for CBF GA, and his staff planned and hosted this Senior Adult Luncheon to thank long-time participants in and supporters of CBF. What took my breath away was the number of people in attendance and how delighted they were to be there.

Cecil Sherman inspired and challenged those present by recalling the history of the Fellowship movement and stressing the importance of the continuance of the mission of CBF.  The people assembled that day are and have been CBF supporters both spiritually and financially for a long time. They appreciate where they came from as free and faithful Baptists, and they are ready and willing to be challenged by the goals of the future.

It was exciting to be surrounded by people who “get it”. It is humbling to realize that it is because of their commitment that the movement began and continues to this day. May their commitment inspire ours!

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