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Meet me back in Galilee

During church yesterday, the pastor focused in upon Matthew 28 but focused on an interesting part of this chapter that easily goes overlooked.  Is not it interesting that the angel tells the women that Jesus will appear to the Disciples in Galilee.  In this gospel, Jesus takes it back to their home—their neighborhood—and appears to them.  The pastor eloquently pointed out the importance of discovering the risen Christ each morning in our neighborhoods and in so doing, continually discovering the commission of Christ to make Disciples of Christ. 

I could not help but think of the importance of practicing the “ministry of presence” in our everyday circle of life.  Being intentional as we eat, shop, play, work so that we listen and engage with people in such away that we discern the Spirit of God working through “everyday activities”, and discover our opportunities to live the gospel.  A question written deeply on my heart is, “How are you living in your neighborhood so that the gospel changes everything?  May this question touch you deeply as well.

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