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Global Christians with a Global Vision

“We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God.” John Stott

Figuring out how to do this whole missions thing used to be fairly straight forward when I first left for the field in 1986. Then it was one person, going to one country, to become skilled in one (sometimes two) languages and minister to one people…. Now thanks to technology and transportation all Christians can go and they can go with each other. Many persons can go to many countries, speaking many different languages, to minister to the world. Sarah Brown of Oakland Baptist Church in Rock Hill, South Carolina had just such an opportunity last month.

While leading a seminar in Ottawa, we learned that a group of Haitian-born Canadians and native Canadians were putting together a group to go and minister in Haiti after the earthquake. This team had actually been in Haiti at the time of the earthquake and was returning. They were French speakers, Creole speakers and English speakers. Some had never been to Haiti; some had been born there. They were in need of another nurse for the team. Sarah responded to the call.

Pastor Franky Narcisse of the church Eglise Evangelique Baptiste d’Ottawa says that Sarah’s ministry was one of grace and great blessing as along with her team she responded to the medical needs of about 950 people in 7 days. For Sarah there were certainly challenges. Not only was she ministering cross-culturally and without local language skills, but she was working alongside those of different cultures and languages. “I’m fairly culturally aware,” said Sarah, “but when you have been working hard all day and you are tired, it is hard to think across those cultural barriers.” When asked if it was worth it, Sarah described the joy she felt in realizing the commonality the team members had, even if the differences were noticeable. “We have so much to learn from other’s perspectives. Though we had a common purpose, we were all out of our comfort zone. It made us so much more aware of the Divine around us,” she explained.

A multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual team coming together as global Christians with a global vision because our God is global God. I like this whole new missions thing!

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