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‘The kind of group we ought to be’

The following post is from Allan Aunspaugh, minister of music at Second Baptist Church, Liberty, Mo.

For several years our state CBF Coordinator encouraged me to organize and lead a Peer Learning Group for Ministers of Music in the Kansas City area.  I was reluctant for a long time, but finally gave in. 

We gathered a group of interested group of worship leaders that spanned gender, denominational, and most importantly worship style lines.  I had expected meetings filled with high holy moments and deep discussions.  We do have some of that, but more importantly we have relationships that have become meaningful and helpful. 

Our discussions range from worship forms and practices to what kind of microphones or guitars we use.  We talk about how to deal with pastors, pianists, organists and singers.  We share with each other the latest recording devices and music software.  And we listen to the heartaches and the joys of each participant. 

It is not the kind of group I thought it would be, but it’s the kind of group we ought to be.

If you are interested in joining a peer learning group, contact Steve Graham at, CBF’s director of the Initiative for Ministerial Excellence.

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