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So many books…so little time!

One of the most challenging tasks of my job is keeping up with all the reading. There are always several new books stacked up on my desk. There are articles in my inbox for perusing. There are websites galore to investigate.

Here are two snapshots of recent books. Let me know what you think of them too!

Donald Miller, What I learned while editing my life: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Thomas Nelson, 2009.

Miller, author of the ground-breaking Blue like Jazz, begins with some random thoughts about life, “The saddest thing about life is you don’t remember half of it. You don’t even remember half of half of it.” And he then rambles in true Miller style.

The heart of the book however is in the opening of Chapter Two. “I wrote a memoir several years ago that sold a lot of copies. I got a big head…thought I was an amazing writer…but I’ve written books since that haven’t sold, so I’m insecure again and things are back to normal.” (p9) That about sums it up!

As he says in the final words of the book, he’s hoping to tell a better story. He weaves his own insecurities, successes and failures into this story of his life. Along the read, you’ll find some fun characters and some fun insights. I like Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird better but you’ll find some good nuggets in here about writing, about faith, and about life.

Pamela Durso (ed), This is what a Preacher looks like: Sermons by Baptist Women in Ministry. Smyth & Helwys, 2010.

You’ll recall those t-shirts and there in is the essence of the idea for the book. Pam has put together a collection of sermons from some of the leading female voices in the Baptist world. This is a fabulous addition to your library from “sisters, wives, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and friends.” (Preface, xi)

There is in these thirty eight sermons an energy of God’s Spirit and a definite challenge to being the presence of Christ in the world. You will be moved, excited, inspired, and appreciative. These are special works of art and you’ve been invited to immerse yourself in them. These are mostly written with listeners as the audience. Read them aloud and let your ears hear what the Spirit is saying to you, your church, the world.

As Durso writes in her Preface (xiv), “…I experienced the surprising work of the Spirit as I read sermon after sermon, all written by women who had been called by God to be followers of Christ, to be ministers, and to preach the gospel…I heard and felt and experienced the presence of God.” So will you!!

There are so many more books beckoning. These two have caught my attention in recent days. What are you reading?

Bo Prosser

One thought on “So many books…so little time!

  1. Saving Jesus from the Church
    Robin R. Meyers

    He says of his book in Chapter 1:
    “It is not an apologetic but a call to reconsider what it means to follow Jesus, instead of arguing over things the church has insisted we must all believe about Christ. Doctrines divide by nature. Discipleship brings us together.”

    And just bought A New Kind of Christianity by Brian McLaren.

    Now if only I had some time for summer reading…..

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