2010 General Assembly / General CBF

Is Jesus leaning over your checkbook?

“The fact is, any of us in this room who earns more than $3 a day is wealthier than almost half the people who live on the earth. Over 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. So with regard to this struggling economy, many of us are anxious here. Very few of us are poor here.”  This was part of the message from Julie Pennington-Russell (pastor of FBC Decatur, GA) this morning at the first business session of the General Assembly.

Sometimes the statistics are overwhelming. Difficult to comprehend. You might think…. how can I make a difference in the lives of 3 billion people living in poverty? Does my $5 or $15 or $100 offering really make a difference?  If you find yourself talking to one of CBF’s field personnel this week at General Assembly, ask them that question. They’ll probably tell you a story about a child or an individual or a family whose life has been change because of your gift.

But how much to give? Pennington-Russell said when she sat down to write her check for the CBF Offering for Global Missions today, she thought about  her two $4 Cinnamon Dolce Lattes each week…. totaling $450 a year. She challenged Fellowship Baptists to ….. “Make a gift that brings a happy balance to some of the other things you’re investing in these days.”

She said, “When I sat down to write my check for this offering I found Jesus leaning over my checkbook.  I hate that.  And as usual, he didn’t pull a guilt trip on me—he never does that.  He just gave me that big smile and once again invited me to invest in what he’s doing in the world because that’s where the juice and the joy are!”

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