2010 General Assembly / General CBF

Missouri church transformed by Scripture responds to poverty

After the workshop on the mission community addressing poverty and transformation ministry, I was amazed to hear the story of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Lee’s Summit, Mo.

Chuck Arney told me that three years ago, the church, which he has pastored for more than 20 years, took a different approach to Scripture. Instead of listening and studying, they approached Scripture by asking how they needed to change. That revolutionary Bible study led to Imagine Day, in which the congregation asked what they could imagine God was asking them to do.

Out of that came Coldwater, a nonprofit organization with the mission of “building friendships that foster hope in our community.” Church members participating in Coldwater reach out to impoverished pockets in the community. “It’s changing our whole definition of church,” Arney said. “Church isn’t just what we do on Sunday.”

What’s your definition of church?

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