2010 General Assembly

The most powerful weapon for changing the world

When Sheila Earl arrived in West Africa 30 years ago, she met children that had never seen a piece of written paper – yet they wanted to learn how to read.

Sisters – one 82 and blind, one in her 70s and deaf wanted to learn how to read so badly that they worked out a interdependent system to hear and see the words on the page.

“When you provide someone with an education, you give them a hope for a better life – either for themselves or for their children,” Earl said.

Perhaps church missions partner Harry Rowland said it best: “It’s about discovering what God has already placed in our hearts, and then being willing to say yes.”

Education is one of eight “mission communities” designated by CBF. Today, General Assembly attendees learned about each of these communities: Poverty/transformation ministries, Disaster response, International, Church starting/faith sharing, Justice and peacemaking, Medical, Economic development and Education.

Brenda Lisenby shares her knowledge with workshop attendees.

Those who are passionate about education have countless opportunities to get involved with global missions through CBF. We heard from missional church specialist Karen Gilbert, field personnel Lindsay, Brenda Lisenby and Allen and Bernadine Williams. We learned about the Fellowship of Baptist Educators from Bob Lamb, and explored opportunities for teaching English as a second language.

Is education your passion? How will you get involved?

One thought on “The most powerful weapon for changing the world

  1. The most powerful weapon for changing the world is the Word of God. Because it teaches you how to self-educate and to find answers from God and from study. It places a desire for Truth and learning.

    I think the best way we can get involved is to be people who seek to learn and the truth in all things. And teach people how to find answers, and not just providing them answers.

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