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Networks Work

One of the real strengths of our Fellowship is its willingness and ability to network. Congregations, pastors, and other stakeholders are constantly exploring new ways to connect, pool resources, and do things together. We have recognized along the way that we can do more collectively than we can separately. Some examples:

Peer Learning Groups – In our state, there are already four vibrant Excellence in Ministry peer learning groups with at least two more in the works, one for youth ministers and one for urban pastors. These groups help to plan an annual fall retreat for learning and renewal. More about the retreat

College Students – Collegiate ministers from around Missouri meet annually for a “front porch conversation” to share ministry ideas and stories, to hear what CBF is doing in student ministry, and to discover opportunities for shared events and initiatives. Out of those discussions sprang the University Plus Retreat, which hosted over 30 students in its inaugural year.

Community Ministry Trailer – A trailer filled with ladders, tools and other essentials is ready and available for churches, mission teams, church work days and more. The trailer is ministry FOR a community but also ministry BY a community. Churches are working together to purchase the trailer and tools. Leaders from several churches worked together to organize and stock it. Work teams and mission groups in churches will be the key to its continued usefulness.

Your Passion – CBF’s Communities of Missional Practice are online discussion groups where people just like you can connect, share and learn. These growing communities cross geographic boundaries, creating networks that span the global Fellowship.

Where is networking working for you?

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