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How do we grow?

How do we grow?

It may seem like a simple question.  “How do we grow?” Yet what flows off the tongue so easily is rarely easy to answer.  First, what does the question mean? 

Define growth. Go ahead, right now—define growth.  What came to mind? 

I bet your definition has a lot to do with the work, issue or concept that you are focused upon in your everyday life. Maybe you are a banker and “growth” means new accounts and customers.  Perhaps you are a teacher and “growth” means that students have learned the information and concepts that you are teaching them.  You may be a parent, and “growth” is what you see your children doing right before your eyes.  Growth can mean many things.

Let’s focus our thoughts about growth.  When I ask you to define “growth” in relationship to your church, what comes to mind? Jot down your thoughts on a scrap of paper.  You might have multiple answers, but I am interested in the order you listed your answers, or the first thought that pops into our head. 

Now, define “depth” in relationship to your church.  What comes to mind? Again, jot down your thoughts on your paper.  I am interested in learning what you put down for “depth”, and what you think the difference is between these two concepts.  Feel free to comment to this blog post or send me an e-mail:

 Thanks for helping me listen and learn.

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