General CBF

“We are a devastated state…”

That was the simple yet powerful phrase that lingered with me after a recent Disaster Response conference call. The storms that scourged several Southern states this past week left brokenness in its wake. Both people and possessions alike were trampled by the violent elements. Although the winds have subsided, the devastation is still so overwhelming that it is difficult to even know where to begin. Cooperative Baptist Fellowship representatives and partners are currently on site in many of these areas ascertaining the most prudent and effective course for our collective response.

 At this time the most effective way that churches and individuals can respond is through prayer. Pray for those who have experienced loss. Pray, also, for those relief workers who are, at this very moment, being the presence of Christ to those whose worlds have crumbled around them. May God grant peace and comfort to those who are in need.

 Another way to respond is through financial donations. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has established a simple way to direct funds to the urgent need. Although it is still too soon to mobilize any short-term (volunteer) workers into the affected areas, we encourage anyone interested in potentially serving to complete a Disaster Response application. Rest assured that once a stable platform for engagement has been established, we will be contacting you.

Again, thank you for your continued support and encouragement. For the most up to date information on the response efforts, visit

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