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Prayers from across the pond…

Last week when the deadly storms ripped through the Southeast, Harry Rowland was on assignment in the United Kingdom. Helpless and thousands of miles from home,he was comforted by the thoughtful prayers and kind words of his British brothers and sisters.  Below are a few words of reflection from Harry- 
“We are praying for those affected by the whirly-wind storm…” This is the repeated statement spoken to me by countless passion filled British accented Christians attending the Great Britain Baptist Union/Baptist Mission Society Assembly in Blackpool, UK. For the next week I am attending and speaking on CBF’s behalf at this assembly as well as meeting with four UK partners involved with CBF in Haiti Disaster Response.  In the midst of the BBC coverage of the Grand Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton snapshots of what is called the whirly-wind storm disaster in the USA are repeatedly shown.  These images, which are heart stopping for me as I reflect upon the fellowship Christians and churches affected by the whirly-wind storms, are evoking many prayers and heartfelt concern on the part of fellow Christians in the UK. During last night’s opening ceremonies there was a time for prayer for those affected by the whirly-wind storm in the USA.  A point of context is that the UK does not experience tornadoes.  The sole experience they have with such devastation is what they see on the television. Thus they are as intrigued by the freakiness of this whirly-wind storm as they are heartbroken over the devastation. I am inspired and encouraged by their prayers and passion especially with the lack of personal experience with such devastation.. So in my absence from the states and the fact that family and friends have been personally affected by the tornadoes and I am pulled to return more quickly than scheduled, I find comfort and support from Christian brothers and sisters across the Atlantic. And I hope that possibly you can find similar comfort in their prayers. When asked how they can help besides the prayers I have referred them to the giving information provided on the CBF webpage and in this blog. Together there is not just help but also hope. I am thankful for being reminded of this while “across the pond.”

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