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I held my breath and prayed

Hello from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I have been attending the annual meeting of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA). It has been a great week meeting and worshiping with Baptists from the world round. Tonight we worshiped at FBC Kuala Lumpur and heard scripture read in a handful of the many languages represented.

As I sat listening, it reminded me of my time this past Sunday in Athens, Greece. I took the opportunity to stop over in Greece on my way to the BWA meeting. On Sunday, I worshiped in Greek at the Second Greek Evangelical Church with Bob and Janice Newell our colleagues ministering in Athens with PORTA. It was a great time for me to meet many partners and friends of PORTA. I also was able to walk the city and ride the Metro. Much has changed in the 18 years since I lived in Greece—there was no Metro when I left Greece for college in the USA.

Sunday afternoon, I took the opportunity to climb up to the Acropolis. However, unlike themany tourists I made my way past the gates of the main site and over to Mars Hill. It has always been a favorite place to visit. I climbed up the slippery marble, stood looking over the city and reflected on the mass of people living beneath the roofs spread before me. It was a humbling sight.

In a year, my family will be beneath one of those roofs. We will walk those streets, and we will meet some of those people. God will continue to work in our lives, transforming us, growing us, leading us into new relationships with beautiful people. I held my breath and prayed.

This post is from Matt Norman, newly commissioned field personnel to Athens, Greece.  Originally posted at the Normans’ blog:

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