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Reflections on a Baptist Gathering

We just celebrated twenty years of CBF history at this past General Assembly in Tampa! I’ll have to confess that I didn’t have much time to pause in the midst of my responsibilities there to truly celebrate the moment–but I have had a few days for reflection since the event ended. I’m grateful for the good legacy that we share–but I am also grateful for what God is doing now and will do in the future:

I’m grateful that CBF churches and individuals have partnered together to send nearly 100 new field personnel into the world in the last five years.

I’m grateful that CBF churches and individuals and global partners are forming mission communities around medical ministries, education, poverty and transformation, justice and peacemaking, economic ministry, internationals, church-planting and faith-sharing, and disaster response.

I’m grateful that networks of CBF churches, field personnel, individuals and global partners are forming around church planting among Ghanaians in the United States, ending human trafficking, rebuilding a community in Haiti devastated by the earthquake, ministry to internationals all over the world and in resourcing the resettlement of Karen people in the United States from refugee camps in Thailand.

I’m grateful that since 2000, some 80,000 volunteer units and more than 1,800 churches have served through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship on short term mission engagements, many in partnership with CBF field personnel. These short term volunteers have completed almost 450,000 hours of service over 50,000 days.

I’m grateful that over the past three fiscal years, churches and individuals have given approximately $6.6 million per year for field personnel projects, in support of self-funded field personnel, and through the CBF Offering for Global Missions.

There is much to celebrate . . . and much more to come!

One thought on “Reflections on a Baptist Gathering

  1. Rob, good blog! Very positive and needs wide circulation. We hear so much negativity these days and all of us need to hear the good news!

    Deane Langdon

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