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Someone for Kanazawa

Dale, Dana, and Nathan Huckabay were a typical family, living a typical life in Henrietta, Oklahoma. Dale served as a bi-vocational pastor, splitting his time between his local church and the Oklahoma Department of Human Resources. Dana worked as a consultant for Weight Watchers International. Nathan was finishing his senior year in high school. All in all, sounds pretty normal, right?

Enter Rob Nash. Rob visited Oklahoma, touring the state and meeting with various pastors. On one of his stops, he mentioned CBF’s partnership with Kanazawa Baptist Church and the Japan Baptist Convention. Dale just happened to be in attendance and was intrigued by what Rob shared.

Fast forward several months.  Dale, Dana, and Nathan are now living in Kanazawa, Japan, serving as short-term missionaries at Kanazawa Baptist Church. The entire family is actively involved in the ministries of the church.

Their new church family has welcomed them with open arms.

The church purchased a two-story building and converted part of it into living-space. Everyone in town seems to know the Huckabays. Their friendly smiles and willingness to try new things have garnered them many new friends. Whether they are working in the church’s kindergarten program building relationships with the parents, establishing the international church to minister to the English-speaking community, or assisting with the classes on the local college campus, the entire family has poured themselves into this work and this community. It is hard to believe that they will have to say goodbye in a few short months!

Dana Huckabay visiting with a parent.

In December, the Huckabays will be leaving Japan to return to Oklahoma. The challenge now is to find someone else willing to give of themselves in this unique manner. But who? Who would be willing to leave their families, their jobs, their lives, and go to Japan? I am sure that the Huckabays would agree with me and say that this experience has been well worth the sacrifice.

 So, are YOU willing to be that someone?

To learn how to get connected with the work in Kanazawa, contact us at .

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