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CBF Emerges As a Leader in Inter-Faith Disaster Response

CBF Arkansas Disaster Response is becoming a leader in inter-faith teamwork. Earlier this year Second Baptist, a CBF church in downtown Little Rock, invited an Episcopal church and Methodist Church to join them in preparing for local disaster response. Within a month the combined group of responders was among the first on the scene of a deadly storm in an adjacent county. Using CBF-provided equipment, the group touched many families desperate for assistance. More recently, a local Church of Christ has asked for “membership” in this band of brothers and sisters. They have met with CBF National Disaster Response Coordinator, Charles Ray, and indicated that they now wish to purchase and deploy equipment to be used by all downtown responders. In addition, they are considering the development of the new Community Service trailer that CBF designed last year. This unit is deployed in the community on a 24/7 basis for a number of tasks, assisting those with the greatest need and least resources.

Charles Ray, National Coordinator
CBF Disaster Response

3 thoughts on “CBF Emerges As a Leader in Inter-Faith Disaster Response

  1. Is this interfaith or ecumenical? It sounds like a wonderful collaboration. I was wondering if other faith traditions were involved.

    • In responding to disasters CBFResponds never checks a “pedigree”. We not only strive to reach those with the greatest needs and least resources, but also welcome anyone wishing to stand along side us. The only theology we ask for in a responder is to love your neighbor.

      Charles Ray

  2. I guess my point was that Episcopalians and Methodist share with us a Christian faith.
    “Interfaith” implies other faiths are open to come alongside as well. ..And I would imagine that would be fine too, right? That is the way our Habitat for Humanity operates: we hold our distinctive Christian identity but welcome others who are not self-identified Christians who want to be part of the good work we are attempting. I hope we can continue to broaden our reach by inviting those of both Christian and other faiths to join us in the good work God gives us.

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