Disaster Response / General CBF

Responding to wildfires in Texas

In response to Texas wildfires that sparked crises in many communities, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has sent $2,000 in emergency aid for the area of Bastrop, Texas.

The blaze in this county, about 25 miles from Austin, began Sept. 4 and destroyed more than 1,500 homes while burning more than 50 square miles.

Relief funds from the Fellowship will be distributed through CBF Texas for use by Lost Pines Cowboy Church, a CBF partner in nearby Elgin, as the congregation helps individuals and families struggling to rebuild their homes, businesses and lives. The church has helped local residents and farmers who lost their barns, fences and even homes by finding temporary housing and feed for victims’ livestock. As the animals’ owners rebuild and recover, the congregation is caring for as many as 200 animals in the church’s livestock pens and other facilities.

“It’s tough to lose your home and livelihood in the same fire,” said Rick McClatchy, CBF Texas coordinator.

2011 has been the driest year for Texas since the 1950s.

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