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What is in your hand?

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the banquet for Health Outreach to the Middle East. I was humbled and challenged. It was one of those situations as described in the song, “a missionary came to your church and his pictures made you cry.” I think my missionary journey has given me some pretty exciting stories to tell, but somehow they paled as I listened to the testimony of physicians share their sacrificial dedication to going and giving. These highly respected, many of them world renown doctors described themselves as “just lay people.” Yet their ardor for loving their neighbor whether Christian or Muslim through service said they were people serving missionally through their careers as helpers and healers. Yes, I was humbled.

One of the key note speakers Dr. John R. Crouch Jr. described his call. He spoke of how God kept nudging him to the story of Moses and the burning bush. Realizing God wanted to show him something regarding Moses’ sheperd’s rod, Crouch traced the rod throughout Exodus. His conclusion? “The rod of Moses became the hand of God to deliver a nation.” And then the still small voice of God asking, “What is in your hand?” Later Dr. Issam Raad, HOME’s president referred to the story of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16. He pointed out that the rich man’s great sin was not adultery, murder, terrorism, etc, but that he ignored his poor brother. Yes, I was challenged.

We live in an era when opportunities for reaching the nations with the love of Christ are inexhaustible. I was reminded again that all God is asking us is to use what is in our hand. God is asking us to not ignore those that he has placed by our tables seeking help and nourishment. When we grasp these lessons, we will be a part of God’s task to deliver the nations. So, what is in your hand?

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