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“Thank you” for giving Grand Goave clear and clean water! The Nantiso Well

Skilled and trained Haitians who maintain the water pump. They prayed over the pump after fixing it in October.

A community close to Grand Goâve used to collect their water from a river spring about a mile from the hamlet. If the river rose or people disturbed the river bed well they would have to wait hours for the clear water to become available.

With our WASH program the community now has a hand pump, providing clear, clean water. About 30 families benefit from the installation, now.

Haitian children in Grand Goave using their new water pump.

It is often easy to misunderstand the need for water close to a community, however, with the cholera epidemic last year brings home just how precious water really is. The community have been blessed by people they will never know or be able to thank. The well is a gift from God. May we say thank you to those who donated the funds necessary to fund this well installation.

 Contributed by Michael and Brenda Harwood

Read their blog by visiting this link.


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