Haiti Ministries

Harwood’s Celebrate Progress Since Haiti’s 2010 Earthquake: Siloë School

Siloe Baptist Church School, pupils raise the flag in the morning, say anthem, sing hymns, and pray to God.

After the Haiti Earthquake, many promises were made to the people of Haiti. We are proud to say that with the help of the Lord, many, many volunteers, both Haitian and others, CBF has fulfilled its promise to rebuild Siloë Baptist Church School.

We have rebuilt 13 classrooms and an administration building. It began with volunteer labor, both American and Haitian and in the weeks that followed, the Haitians learnt the safe American way to build earthquake resistant buildings. Soon the classrooms were built using Haitian paid labor with American volunteers only to helping move rocks, dig foundations and other menial, but very necessary, laborious tasks. The Haitian work crew was given a low wage, but we gave them regular work for 18 months and a free lunch every work day.  The American volunteers frequently commented how much they appreciated the experience of working alongside their Haitians brothers and felt richly blessed by their short mission trips.

Siloë Baptist Church School can proudly say that it was built by local labor, managed by a local foreman and a local project manager. The pupils now gather in the courtyard every school day and proudly sing their national anthem as the Haitian flag is raised over their school. This is followed by a hymn and prayers to God. We are thankful that we have been able to make rebuilding a school a reality for our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ. May the school prosper and offer hope to a new generation of well-educated Haitians.

Contributed by Michael and Brenda Harwood

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