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CBF Field Personnel and Partners Address Human Trafficking

While visiting with some young friends from Iran, I mentioned the American custom of recognizing mother’s on a particular day in May. The young woman told me that though the government in Iran sets a day to recognize mothers according to the Islamic calendar, she prefers to celebrate on March 8th, International Women’s Day. I was frankly surprised that she knew about the day. Indeed a lot of Americans do not know about International Women’s Day. She said she prefers that day as she unites with women around the world. She enjoys recognizing the influence her mother has had on her in caring about global women’s issues. One of those global issues is human trafficking.

It seems that when folks can’t rally around other global injustices, human trafficking is one that touches minds and hearts. Yet, all around us people continue to be bought, sold, and bartered as commodities. CBF cares about many justice issues and addresses them, human trafficking included. In recognition of Freedom Sunday, February 26th and International Women’s Day, March 8th, CBF field personnel and partners will present a webinar for churches and individuals on the subject of human trafficking. I invite you to set aside Wednesday evening, February 22nd and arrange for your group to be a part of this webinar.

It is an amazing day of technology that we live in. No longer do you have to cover the expenses of someone to come and speak to your congregation. Now, without leaving home, you can hear how your field personnel are engaged in anti-trafficking, how they are partnering with others to end slavery, and how you can be involved in anti-trafficking efforts both through CBF and through their partners. Plan now to recognize Freedom Sunday and/or International Women’s Day. Participating in this webinar on February 22nd might be just the way to do that! Be looking for information on how to sign up or drop an email to We will be sure you are included!


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