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I’d rather be at Faith in 3D

I’m jealous.

Mickey Mouse at Faith in 3D

Mickey Mouse at the first-ever Faith in 3D back in 2006.

There. I admitted it. I am jealous of the 23 CBF youth groups heading to the Walt Disney World Resort today for a life-changing and action-packed weekend at the Faith in 3D conference, planned and executed by CBF-partner Passport Inc.

I was able to attend the first ever such event, covering it for CBF Communications. My guilt at being to enjoy the Disney theme parks while exploring important spiritual themes with then Episcopalians, Presbyterians and CBF folks caused me to overwork a bit. I took thousands of pictures, wrote a cover story for the magazine and did hometown news releases for the local newspapers of all the CBF churches that participated. When it ended, I was exhausted and concluded I was too old to cover youth events anymore.

So, as part of CBF family gathers this weekend with Presbyterian USA and Cumberland Presbyterians at Disney, I’ll be thinking of them and praying for them. I’ll probably even sneak a peek at the Facebook event just to live vicariously through the photos and updates that will be posted there. You can follow them on Twitter by searching for the hastag “#f3d.”

Thanks, Passport, for putting this together and for your tireless efforts to help our youth experience spiritual formation and missional engagement.

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