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Festival of Homiletics, Atlanta, 2012,

More than 25 CBF ministers attended the Festival of Homiletics, May 14-18,in Atlanta.

Quickly, let me share my take away from being with a host of CBF ministers as well as ministers from a number of other faith traditions as we explored “Transformational Preaching at the Crossroads:”

GOOD FELLOWSHIP. After lunch and good visitation with others from CBF, we drove to the center of Atlanta to join a large gathering at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. There Old Testament scholar, Walter Brueggemann, speaking from the Ebenezer Pulpit, acknowledged that lots of our people in our churches are now the age that Dr. King would have been who have been shaped by his vision of the beloved community. It is empowering to envision our churches and ministries as being made up of those who have passion for the beloved community.

GOOD SCHOLARSHIP. The Festival brought together a wide variety of outstanding preachers and professors of homiletics to inspire preachers in their roles of proclaimimg the gospel. There wasn’t an empty seat in the Ebenezer house when Brueggemann reminded us of Elisha’s capability to stay focused upon the performance of Shalom. I watched as a whole lot of heads were nodding assent. If there had been a lack of clarity about the task we share, we were at that moment bound together in our desire to give ourselves more fully to this Shalom business.

Consider joining a good number of us in Nashville, May 13-17, 2013, for the Festival of Homiletics, “Preaching that Matters”. Watch for information at http://www.good

One thought on “Festival of Homiletics, Atlanta, 2012,

  1. Was privileged to be among this cohort. The Festival is consistently the most encouraging, creative and intelligent gathering for preacher-types I attend. Musicians and guest artists are truly amazing. Thanks for posting!

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