2012 General Assembly / General CBF

Green facilitates discussion of ministry among internationals

The following post is from CBF contributing writer Ryan Higgins.

Nell Green

Nell Green leads the workshop on Internationals ministry at CBF’s General Assembly.

“Welcoming the Stranger” was the theme for the CBF International Cluster Network workshop Friday afternoon at the General Assembly. The network brings together CBF field personnel, churches, ministry partners and individuals who collaborate to serve with and among the world’s most neglected people.

A panel of CBF field personnel and partners addressed the topics of documentation, vulnerability to trafficking, physical and spiritual needs and the value of networks. Panelists shared their personal experiences and were asked questions by facilitator, Nell Green.

Panelist Gina Godfrey is program director at World Relief, an organization that has a contract from the State Department to help refugees get started in the United States.  She gave a personal story about going out of her way to drive a refugee woman to a Catholic Church so she could pray and practice her faith in her own tradition.

“She was very grateful,” said Godfrey. “We must minister to other denominations.”

Panelist Greg Smith, one of CBF’s field personnel in Fredericksburg, Va., talked about his experience ministering among Latinos and the challenges he has faced.

“To get Latinos to come to your ministry, they must trust you,” said Smith, the co-founder and administrative coordinator of LUCHA Ministries, Inc. “You can have the best bible study, worship service, or whatever else, but if they don’t trust you, they won’t come.”

CBF Internationals is one of eight mission communities apart of CBF Global missions. It only takes 15 seconds to “Like” them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cbfinternationals or 30 seconds to follow them on twitter at twitter.com/cbfintlscluster . For more information about all of the CBF Mission Communities, go to missioncommunities.org.

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