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CBF partner Global Women searching for full-time project director

Global Women LogoGlobal Women is receiving applications for the full-time position of Project Director. The primary purposes of this position are to oversee the project selection process, to determine and oversee mission trips, and to maintain ongoing relationships with global project leaders.  The Project Director is the liaison between the project leaders and the Global Women staff and constituents.

The ideal candidate will have a concern for addressing the global issues affecting women and a heart for ministry among women.  She must be comfortable operating in cross-cultural settings. Having a creative and visionary outlook will be an asset to the organization’s work.

The Project Director will be housed in the Global Women office in Pelham, AL. This position is open to Christian women who are U.S. citizens without regard to age, race, or nationality.

Interested persons should review the position description, read the letter from Cindy Dawson, Executive Director, and follow instructions on the application; all of which are posted on the website. The deadline to receive applications is September 4.

Global Women, headquartered in Greater Birmingham, is an ecumenical Christian organization that seeks to bring positive change to the lives of women throughout the world. They do this by connecting with indigenous Christian women who are active in holistic ministries among women in their communities. GW educates constituents on issues affecting women globally, and identifies opportunities for response.

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