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Student.Go – Words from the World – Deborah Barnett

This summer Student.Go personnel are serving in 19 locations around the world. Central Illinois College student Deborah Barnett is living and working in Kenya with CBF field personnel Melody and Sam Harrell.

Deborah Barnett

This summer, I have served in several different parts of Kenya, both urban and rural, working on various development projects and spending time in child development centers. I have learned so much from the people I have encountered. One thing I love about the people I have met, is that they know how to just be. How to enjoy life as it happens. I have met people who press on, daring to live in the hope of Christ, no matter whether they live in a one-room hut in the mountains, or in the crowded streets of Kibera slum. Each of the many different people I have met have each left me with a special treasure: a piece of their lives and their stories that inspire me to live with hope in my everyday life, no matter the situation. God’s grace is sufficient.

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