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Never Say Never

I am working on a major sewing project. I told my daughter years ago, “Just never ask me to make your wedding dress.” Yeah… well… never say never!  You guessed it… that is exactly what I am in the midst of doing! It was a bit overwhelming to think about at first.  I frankly didn’t want to blow it. Then I bought the fabric. Let me just say that silk is an investment! I didn’t want to waste the investment with misguided efforts. Yet, part of me was thrilled with the thought of being given such a precious honored task. I confess; I seriously doubted (doubt!) my abilities to carry it off. Friends came to the rescue. I had a friend who came to visit and helped me in fabric selection.  My daughter and her fiancée helped me put together a dress form made out of duct tape. Another friend helped me design the pattern and make the mock up dress.  In September two other friends will come alongside me and help me make the actual garment.  I seriously doubt I could have done any of this alone. Yet those who have knowledge, expertise, and experience beyond mine have joined in the effort with advice, discussion, helping hands, etc. The collaborative effort has been invaluable.  What does making a dress have to do with a blog about missions? I have realized the value of community.

In community we accomplish those things that alone we could not. In community we tap into resources otherwise unavailable to us. In community the investment of these resources is more secure as accountability calls us into check. In community perseverance is easier because we are encouraged. In community we do not have to be all and do all, because we become a part of the whole able to offer a portion of what is needed.  The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) realized a few years ago the value of community. Technology has provided us tools capable of helping be community in ways we have never been before.

A new website has been created for forming mission communities. Just as my friends (my community) have rallied around me in this project, the website permits us to rally together around a mutual area of concern. This is not facebook for missions. It is not a place where you tell your peeps what you had for lunch, show a picture of your kids (cute as they may be), or say how much you love your mama (though you should say that on facebook!)  It is a place where you can be in community with others who share a similar desire, vision, or goal for missional endeavors. Are you ministering to the Karen people? There is a community for that. Involved in interfaith dialogue? There is a community for that. Church plant? Human Trafficking? Disaster relief?  All of these and many more, there is a community to come alongside you. All the advantages of working together to help, encourage, collaborate, etc are at the touch of a keyboard. Even if the keyboard is on your smart phone! I hope you will become a part of one of the eight mission communities. We all need each other to accomplish the tasks God has placed before us. And make no mistake, these tasks are precious and honored. They involve real people, with real hopes, with real needs.

Oh, and pictures of the dress will be on my personal facebook account at some point in the future.

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