Haiti Ministries

New Need for Rubble House Ministry

As many know, the CBF has partnered with Conscience International to coordinate the Haiti Housing Network in Grand Goave. With the help of many volunteers, we have been able to see over 100 earthquake-resistant homes given to local families in need. This means over $450,000 has been given to building rubble houses. Additionally, more than 70 churches and more than 860 people have participated in CBF Ministries in Haiti! There is no doubt that this ministry has been a success.

Currently the Haiti Housing Network is running out of funds to keep providing materials for these houses. Volunteerism is on the rise, but the lack of funds means we now must require volunteer teams to pay the cost of a rubble house, which is $4,500, in addition to the living and travel costs they are used to paying. We regret that this may hinder several of our hard-working teams representing CBF, BGCT, and ABC churches from affording the new costs to volunteer.

An image of the 100th rubble house awarded to the very grateful Tikkame and his family. This house now has a front porch, and a smart-looking painted finish on the outside.

Can you or your church help revive the funds for Rubble House materials? Do you think you could donate the cost of one home? We at the CBF are reaching out to those who have volunteered before who know first-hand how important this ministry has been to the people of Grand Goave.

To give securely online, please click here and choose the “Missional Communities/Projects” tab. Select “Specific Project” and enter project # 80937.

If you would rather make your payment with a check, please address it to “CBF,” indicate “Haiti Housing Network/ Project 80937” in the memo, and send to 2930 Flowers Road South, Suite 133, Atlanta, GA 30341.

Please contact Brayden Huskey for more information: bhuskey@thefellowship.info.

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