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Student.Go – Words from the World – Laura Koone

This summer Student.Go personnel have served in 19 locations around the world. Clemson University student, Laura Koone, served children and families in Brooklyn, NY with CBF field personnel Ronnie Adams and in partnership with the Greater Restoration Baptist Church of Brooklyn and Metro Baptist Church in Manhattan.   


For the past 8 weeks I’ve been asking the Lord for many things. Strength in times of weakness and patience at times when it seems impossible, but one thing I’ve realized I need to pray for more than all of those things is for the Lord to change my heart. The popular song Hosanna by Hillsong says, “show me how to love like You have loved me”  – and how much does he love us? He loves us so much so that he sacrificed his only son. It’s such an incredible thing to think about. What great expectations he has held for us, to be able to love like Him. I think at times we all should stop and remember who we are. Are we reflecting the image of the Lord in the actions we take each day? In the words that we speak? In the love that we show the ones around us?

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