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Student.Go – Words from the World – Meg Lacy

This summer Student.Go personnel have served in 19 locations around the world. Candler School of Theology  student,  Meg Lacy, served with the Faith to Action Initiative, addressing the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in sub-Saharan Africa and around the world.

Working to create a Social Media platform for the Faith to Action Initiative, a partner of CBF, has been a wonderful experience. We often forget that the internet can be harnessed as an important tool for both Christian Education and Social Change by offering a space for education and networking on particular issues of faith and justice. The Faith to Action Initiative is focused on educating those involved in care for orphans and vulnerable children around the world, helping people of faith to think strategically about their involvement with orphans and vulnerable children, and to dream into being sustainable and indigenous solutions for caring for the least of these.  We know that children grow best in families, therefore, finding non-institutional paradigms in which to think about and practice care for children is paramount. Working with Faith to Action also reminded me of the intersection of issues related to justice and gave me a model for thinking holistically about faith based community engagement in local congregations. Vulnerable children exist in both local and global communities, and solutions to caring for these children intersect many others justice issues, such as poverty, human trafficking, food security, and foster care and adoption methods. Faith to Action’s primary goal is to strengthen local families so that they are able to care for children who have been orphaned or who are vulnerable within their local communities. This goal offers a unifying platform for people working for justice in many different capacities. Often, missional engagement in congregations can seem fractured, as if many people are running in many different directions, all with separate plans in mind. But caring for families provides a framework for integrating mission and making local-global connections that coalesce, while still resting clearly in a rich theology of mission in which all are cared for as a part of God’s family.

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One thought on “Student.Go – Words from the World – Meg Lacy

  1. Dear in the name of Lord Jesus Christ,   Receive warm Christian greeting in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I hope you are doing fine.   I am writing to request you and your friends to come and help us here in Morogoro , Tanzania East Africa with evangelism and medical treatment to the poor. The medical team can also include the mission aspect upon which a local or international evangelist would witness to the people before they meet doctors for medical treatment.   The evangelism team would be assigned to work with local or national evangelists in given or selected mission points. The aim is to enhance the work of evangelism in Morogoro and to address the issue of human suffering in medical-mission terms.   According to my experience in mission outreach I have come to realize that when evangelism is mixed with medical treatment many people in East Africa and particularly in Tanzania become ready to accept Jesus Christ than when it is conduced without medical treatment. This does not mean that we must have medical team, but rather it helps us to review our methods in doing evangelism and music. Sometimes, the medical team can just provide simple medication that addresses the tropical diseases such as malaria and eye infections. Owing to African culture, most of Tanzanian people respect the visitors or guests, therefore with involvement of your team members into our evangelistic programmes, and then I believe that the impact of evangelism would be great.   For the sake of clarity, I wish to let you know that I request you and the team to get ready to minister amongst the Masai. I think you have information about this nomadic tribe that depends heavily on cattle keeping and other livestock keeping. For many years the Church in Tanzania has been working amongst this tribe with little success. Please consider this as I see it as an opportunity to serve. I have working with Masai but I think and believe that it is now a time for us to join hands in serving the LORD Jesus Christ through joint evangelism campaign in Masai areas.    Please feel free to ask me if you have any queries or questions in relation to what I have written to you. Also feel free to suggest any other approach that you think it can work and we will discuss on that.   Be assured of my prayers to you all as we continue to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. thanks   Email;  chiyawi@yahoo.com   Pastor Haruni Chiyawi I look forward to hearing from you

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