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Two centuries of Judson’s family tree

The following post is from CBF Interim Executive Coordinator Pat Anderson.

Two hundred years ago this month, Adoniram Judson landed in Calcutta with his young wife. He spent a year there learning languages, praying for guidance, and planning to travel to the mysterious land of Burma. In 1813 he arrived there and began translating Scripture.  Twelve years later, he had 18 converts. After sicknesses, deaths of wives and children, imprisonment, he met the Karen, a tribal people on the fringe of society.

When Judson died at age 61 he left 100 churches and 8,000 believers. Today, in 2012, decendants of those early Karen converts are resettled throughout the United States, fleeing injustices and abuse in Burma, bringing their culture and committment to Christ into our Baptist family here, completing a full circle two centuries in the making. I pray they bring new life to our staid and complacent places, encouragement to our new generation of Baptist leaders, and inspiration to Baptists of every stripe.

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