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Student.Go – Words from the World – Brooke Gerber

This past summer, Student.Go personnel served in 19 locations around the world. University of Georgia graduate student, Brooke Gerber, lived and served with Together for Hope in Helena, Arkansas. 


My summer serving with Together for Hope Arkansas in the Delta was great. I met some amazing people who are committed to seeing their community prosper and I became really excited about what God has in store for Helena. It seems that He is bringing together just the right people with just the right passions and gifts to do an exciting new work there, and TFHA gets be a part of that work. Looking back at this summer, I feel like I learned to love better and more freely by looking at people (including myself) through the lens of Christ’s grace, concentrating on seeing the potential of who God created each one of us to be, and I’m really thankful for my experience.

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