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CBFResponds provides assistance to New Jersey and New York

The following post is from Charles Ray, CBF’s US Disaster Response Coordinator. Charles is sharing a story about Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Our response team, led by CBF Partner, Rev. Moose Jackson, National Director of the American Baptist Association, entered the NJ area early Saturday, November 3, three days after Sandy struck the area.   Within 72 hours, I was notified of a special gift being arranged by a supporting group from a US military base to assist us in quick response to the predicted winter storm following the hurricane.

The assessment team had determined that the greatest need at the moment was heat.  With power off to much of the area we were working in (Union Beach, NJ), families were about to enter a second week of cold.  Over the next several days, we purchased and distributed 23 state of the art liquid gas heaters along with 20 gallons of fuel each, 56 winter jackets, many heavy duty battery powered lanterns and food and water to more than 100 families.

On the weekend, 30 very excited and willing to work students from Eastern University in Wayne, PA joined our team in debris removal, pressure spraying and general cleanup. After nine days, our group returned home.  Rev. Jackson shared that he needed an emotional break since recipients of the heaters always asked how much we were charging for them, but then began crying when told they were free and given by people who care.

While our work in NJ was progressing we were in constant contact with Pastor Alan Sherouse, Metro Baptist Church, NYC.  This CBF church will be our base for long term relief in the NYC.  Alan is preparing to assistance in the Rockaway area of Long Island, where CBS 60 Minutes based its report last Sunday night.  To help in this effort CBFResponds has shared the special financial gift with Metro; however, additional funds are greatly needed and can be sent direct or through CBFResponds.

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