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Love after the storm

The following post is submitted by Kathy Shereda, Pastor of High Hills Baptist Church in Jarratt, Virginia. Kathy shares the story of her church’s involvement in CBFVA’s NY mission box project. For more information on the project or to see how you can help, click here.

As a Pastor and Coordinating Council member for CBF of Virginia, I pay attention to the website updates I get from Rob Fox and Jennifer Clore. As a team, they work hard to make sure our members stay current on what CBFVA is doing and how we can help. When I opened my email following the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I saw an urgent request for CBFVA Churches to respond in specific ways to partner with Metro Baptist Church in New York to provide relief to the suffering of the people there.

Before I even checked out Metro’s website, I got busy getting the information out to our church members. “Non-perishable food kits in gallon zip lock bags; toiletry kits in gallon zip lock bags; winter coats and men’s pants; warm clothing like sweats, caps, gloves, scarves, and sweaters.” Immediately the church began bringing in items. I set up a receiving area with 16×16” shipping boxes, and within 24 hours we shipped our first box. Within three days we shipped four boxes. By the following Sunday, we had ten boxes ready, and they were shipped out by 9am Monday morning. Each box had a scripture from Matthew 25:37-40 pasted on the outside of the box.

While at our Baptist General Associational meeting this week, I heard John Upton say something which stuck with me: “Brokenness and blessing hold hands.” This statement really resonated with me in light of everything happening right now, not only in the Northeast, but in our world. I know our church was hurting for the people affected by Sandy; they wanted to help, but were praying about how to help. They saw the broken lives, broken hearts, broken continuity of life. They wanted to bring blessing. I think they have.

We involved everyone we could, even the shut-ins of our church who paved the way for missions in the generation before us. While it may not seem like much, our ten boxes will add to another church’s boxes and in time, Metro Baptist will be transformed into a buzzing hive of the Kingdom of God…not that they weren’t already. The hurricane has added more need to a ministry they are already doing. They need our help. So how about it, CBF churches? Can you fill a box with much needed items for Metro Baptist Church? Transformation isn’t always an end result…it begins at home.

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