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Mission Immersion in China: Miriam Chambliss

Miriam Chambliss Photo

This blog entry is one of a series of reflections from the CBFVA Mission Immersion Experience to Macau, China with CBF field personnel Larry and Sarah Ballew. The following reflection was written by Miriam Chambliss, lay leader at Mechanicsville Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, VA.

Wherever you go you can be a witness for Christ. It does not matter your age or the circumstances of your life you can be a witness for Christ next door or around the world in a place like Macau.

I have had the opportunity to travel to many places in the world and I have always taken my testimony with me. Everyone who has experienced the grace of God through salvation has a story to tell that can help others in their journey toward Christ.

In Macau the people I encountered showed me love and respect and were willing to go the extra mile to help make my time in Macau meaningful. I felt obligated when asked to share my testimony to let people know that life is not always easy but with Christ there is someone to journey with you through the good times and the bad.

I went to Macau with an open mind to learn about the culture and about the people as they journeyed through life. I did not know that my testimony could or would make a difference to them. I was surprised to realize my testimony of my faith did make a difference to them. We never know what Christ can do with what we are willing to give. He asks us to give of ourselves.

For every person there is a story of redemption. For every person there can be found hope in Christ. I am 84 years old but I am still learning. The people of Macau showed me that my life does have meaning and can make a difference if I am willing to share.

The picture I have share (above) is one of me giving witness of my life with Christ to one of the English classes that Larry and Sarah Ballew teach. The Ballews have built meaningful and lasting relationships with the people they encounter in these classes and on a daily basis.

Building and nurturing relationships is essential in leading people to Christ. Christ has made a difference in my life and I am privileged to have had the opportunity to share with my newfound friends in Macau.

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