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Vestavia Hills Baptist sends aid to support CBF typhoon relief efforts


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DECATUR, Ga. — Responding to the devastation in the Philippines in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan, Vestavia Hills Baptist Church in Birmingham has donated $5,000 in support of CBF’s relief efforts with Asia Pacific Baptist Aid.

APBAid is the relief arm of the Baptist World Alliance’s Asia Pacific Baptist Federation and, along with Conscience International, is partnering with CBF to provide food, drinking water, blankets and other immediate relief needs to typhoon victims.

CBF announced this week that it is deploying Eddy Ruble, CBF field personnel based in Malaysia, to help with assessments, planning and coordination of logistics in the Philippines. Ruble will assist Feraz Legita, acting director of APBAid, based in Iloilo City. Ruble is experienced in disaster response and helped direct CBF’s response to the tsunamis in Indonesia from 2004-2010.

Mike McBrayer, minister of discipleship and missions at Vestavia Hills, said the church has as passion for making a difference in the wake of disaster and has a designated fund for that purpose.

“Church members were pleased to know that one of its mission partners had people on the ground in the Philippines and that it was working with a regional entity to respond to local needs,” McBrayer said.

CBF’s Interim Coordinator for Global Missions Jim Smith appreciated the congregation’s support.

“Vestavia Hills’ generosity in response to this disaster will help make a difference in the lives of people that are in dire need,” Smith said. “I hope other congregations will be inspired to respond, as well.”


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