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In his popular book Celebration of Discipline, theologian Richard Foster wrote that “celebration is central to all the spiritual disciplines” because celebration brings us joy, and “joy makes us strong.”

At the 2016 General Assembly in Greensboro, the workshop titled “Celebration as a Spiritual Discipline” reminded us that moments of celebration are a strategic opportunity in the life of a church to build community and energize the saints for the work of ministry. Workshop leaders taught that celebration should be the frequent spiritual practice of intentionally and joyfully honoring where God has been at work in our midst.

This year, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is honoring where God has been at work in our midst over the past 25 years and how Christ’s love has compelled us to sustain global missions, form healthy churches and nurture young Baptists.

Many CBF churches, partners, and individuals across the Fellowship are setting aside an intentional time of celebration to honor CBF’s 25th Anniversary during the week of October 16-23, 2016. Through special worship services, mission projects, Bible studies, state and regional gatherings and other special events, this CBF Celebration Week will be an opportunity for Cooperative Baptists around the country to thank God for the past 25 years and look forward to our future as a Fellowship.

Such celebrations bring joy, and this joy makes us strong.

Learn more about the CBF 25th Anniversary celebration and campaign at and join us as we celebrate October 16-23.

Celebrating 25 Years of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship from Cooperative Baptist Fellowship on Vimeo.


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