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By Andy Hale

Whimsical and Somewhat Inarticulate Vocal Vibrations

What do Charles Babbage, Steve Jobs, Ada Lovelace, Bill Gates, Tim Berners-Lee and Philip Don Estridge have in common besides their place on the Mount Rushmore of computer and Internet development? They all would give a collective eye roll and groan at the thought of giving me a global audience through a bi-weekly podcast series.


Ada Lovelace

I can just hear Ada Lovelace saying, [in a proper British accent]  “My work on the Analytical Engine through mathematical scientific computing was not intended for this commoner to blast the iTunes airwaves with his whimsical and somewhat inarticulate vocal vibrations. Wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Babbage? Simply preposterous.”

Yet thanks to these pioneers and innovators, a MacBook pro, a desktop condenser microphone, and audio editing applications, I present to you the CBF Church Starts Conversations.

This bi-weekly podcast series is intended to share best practices for church starters and ministers, stories of our commissioned church starters, an active picture of how CBF initiatives can benefit our church starts, and key insights from expert partnerships. That vision statement alone just seeps with opportunity and benefits.

Sharing the Narratives of Ministry, Life and Calling

Each year, we are commissioning a diverse cohort of church starters. This past June’s cohort of eight personifies the growing diversity within the Fellowship. Our first African American church starters were commissioned, including Wayne Weathers in Philadelphia, Carrie Tuning in northeast North Carolina, Kennard Weever in metro Atlanta, and Christopher Jones in the Dallas area. Asdrubal Forte became the first endorsed Latino American church starter.

Along with the 10 church starters commissioned by CBF in the last five years, this cohort has fascinating stories of calling, ministry, and life that need to be shared.

The narratives shared through the podcast will not only inspire people beginning the process of discerning a call to church starting, but they will instruct existing congregations and ministers across the Fellowship through the sharing of innovative approaches to Kingdom work, transparent struggles and fulfillment of faith and calling, and contextual observations of the shifting culture around the church.

Beyond the stories of our church starters, we also host dialogue with some of CBF’s brilliant partnerships.


2016 CBF Commissioned Church Starters

Upcoming Guests 

Our remaining guests for the year will include: Brian Foreman of Campbell University and Foreman Consulting, Chris Gambill of FaithHealthNC, Beth Kennett of The Center for Congregational Health, Mike Lewis of Plantersville Inc., and several of our 2016 commissioned church starters. They will be joining the repertoire of podcast guests already archived, including CBF’s Executive Coordinator, Suzii Paynter.

We are already booking podcast guest for 2017, including CBF Ministries staff and non-profit legal experts.

Is there a particular person or topic you’d like to hear about through the CBF Church Starts podcast? Take a minute to provide us with new insight through this survey.

Strengthen the Fellowship by Listening

By sharing and embracing these narratives, we have the unique opportunity to interweave our Fellowship, becoming a stronger community across the globe.

You can find the bi-weekly CBF Church Starts Conversation podcast in iTunes or in TalkShoe.

Help grow our audience by inviting friends to subscribe to the podcast and liking “CBF Church Starts” on Facebook.

Subscribe to the podcast, enjoy the whimsical banter, gain a deeper insight into Kingdom work, and strengthen the Fellowship community across the globe.

Andy Hale Headshot

Andy Hale

For more information about Innovation Groups or to receive a sample of the process, contact Andy Hale, CBF New Church Starts Specialist.

Andy Hale leads CBF’s Church Start Initiative, and is a CBF church starter who serves pastor of Mosaic of Clayton in Clayton, N.C. For those who wish to learn more about CBF’s Church Starts Initiative or want to contribute to the initiative to help fund new church starts and coaches for church starters, click here, or contact Andy Hale at

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