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Resources for Labor Day Reflection

Below you will find links to several helpful articles and resources from Cooperative Baptists and CBF partners to guide your reflections on this Labor Day:

Baptist ethicist Bill Tillman writes for in a new column titled “Thinking about work from a Christian perspective”:

Labor Day — what a novel and paradoxical concept, at least the way many Americans think about it.

The day, the first Monday in September, has ambiguous origins. The rationale for the day was that the American worker needed to be honored for the economic and cultural achievements brought in by the national labor movement more than 100 years ago.

A paradox is that no labor is expected on Labor Day. It’s a holiday for many American workers. Christians could offer some perspective on the day off from work. Christians should project the idea that all of us need a day of rest.

Keep reading here.

Zach Dawes of the Baptist Center for Ethics writes in his article titled “18 Resources for Labor Day”:

Labor Day is an often-neglected holiday in the local church.

This is unfortunate as Labor Day weekend offers ministers an opportunity to discuss Christian perspectives on work.

For example, church leaders could explore the biblical teachings on work and help congregants develop a “marketplace theology” in which vocations are understood as the unique ways we help manifest the reign of God.

This approach is exemplified by R. Paul Stevens in “Doing God’s Business,” in which he asserts: “Normally God calls us to himself and leads us into particular expressions of service appropriate for our gifts and talents through our passions, abilities and opportunities.”

“And that work we do,” Stevens continues, “whether international business or graphic art, becomes part of the all-embracing summons of God to belong to him, to live in a suitable manner, and to ‘do the Lord’s work.'”

Continue reading here. 

To read about the fascinating history of Labor Day — how it came about and what it means — visit here.


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