General CBF

Come, Lord Jesus!

By Bo Prosser

The Bible ends by reminding us that we are called to be people of the Christ. And, we are reminded to sing the great hymn, “Maranatha, Maranatha!” (“Come quickly, Lord Jesus!” Revelation 22:20). We are now 2,000 years past the first Christmas; yet, we still cry “Maranatha!” and await our Lord’s return. However, we can’t just sit around wishing and hoping. We pray with urgency, and we serve with confidence. Jesus is our Savior and our waiting in this season is to celebrate Christ’s birth with renewed faith.

We yearn for something more than Christmas as usual. We anticipate the birth of the Christ Child to fill us with a hope that transcends our struggles, worries and woes. Family is important in this season. So are worship and sacrificial giving. Pray without ceasing, serve and give without questioning and gather with expectation. God is with us even now!

As you pray, settle yourself into your prayer space. Focus on the prayer above: “Maranatha, Maranatha!” Or focus on the translation: “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!” Let this phrase run through your thoughts over and over until you are praying this as naturally as you are breathing. Then pause, be quiet and listen for the Infant Jesus to affirm and restore you.

Now, pray the prayer once more and add one or two names from the Prayer Calendar here. God knows what they need and God knows we need to lift them up. So pray, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus, for (insert one or two names). Perhaps the Christ Child will affirm these that you’ve mentioned. I can promise that they will know they are being prayed over. And, that is a wonderful Advent blessing.

We yearn for something more than Christmas as usual. May it be so for each of us this Advent! May it be so this Advent season.

Bo Prosser serves as the CBF Coordinator of Organizational Relationships. 

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