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Finding the words

By Lawrence Powers

Today, I struggle to find the right words.

I sit here in my warm, quiet home without a worry if tomorrow will come or if my family will be safe. I’m filled with hope that the future is still on course- that my journey will continue into the dawn of a new day.

Yet, many miles away from where I now sit, there are people fearing for their lives. There are children losing parents and parents losing children. There is no hope for a future at all, much less tomorrow.

I pray, I read, I write and yet, I can still not find the words that would best describe what is happening.

There are no words. Our world is broken, our world is in need of restoration and, if I’m honest, I’m not sure how I to go about playing my part in working toward it.

Yet, I’m supposed to be one of the individuals that people look to. I have the theological education, I carry the title, I have the ordination certificate on the wall of my office.

And, yet, I have no words. Not on this day. Not over these months.

As men, women, and children lie dead in Syrian streets, all I can do is weep. All I can do is sit and fear for people across the world who are no different than you or me.

I look over at the Advent calendar we have hanging in our living room: 9 days. In less than 9 days we’ll gather in our homes, under a decorated tree over-flowing with gifts, to celebrate the long-anticipated coming of one who is said to bring peace, grace and hope.

I wonder, though, if this coming is not just a promise for a manger, but for all those who lay claim to it.

Perhaps, this year, we need to do a little less waiting and a little more moving. Perhaps, people are missing God’s presence among us because we’re so focused on waiting where we are, that we’re missing the places where “God with us,” is needed most.

Today, we may have no words but, I fear, the world can’t wait much longer for us to find them either.

Be the peace. Be the grace. Be the hope.

And, if you can’t find the words, be them.

“Yes, there is considerable evil in the world, and we mustn’t be starry-eyed and pretend it isn’t so. But that isn’t the last word; that isn’t even the most important part of the picture in God’s world.” – Desmond Tutu


Rev. Lawrence Powers serves as the Triangle Area Cooperative Baptist Student Fellowship Campus Minister for CBFNC. 

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