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Grace in Giving: Resources and practices to transform lives through the Offering for Global Missions

By Martha Perusek

The CBF Offering for Global Missions and missions giving are so much more than a once-a-year passing of the plate.

At its finest, the Offering has the power to not only transform lives at home and abroad, but to also connect churches to God’s larger plan for the world.

“We have found that ways of giving to missions are as unique as each church,” said Mark Wingfield, associate pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, and member of the CBF Missions Council. “While every church’s method of giving is different, we’ve found certain core practices of congregations with the most successful, most engaged levels of missions support.”

Some churches collect an offering exclusive to CBF Global Missions, some collect offerings to support multiple missions-related causes and still others support missions through their unified budgets. Find here just a few of the practices that CBF churches are using to generate support and enthusiasm for missions.

Be Passionate 

“For the Offering to be successful, it’s important to have someone passionate about missions leading it.” – Alice Wright Mull, Kentucky

The leader can be a minister or lay person committed to the Offering’s success. The ideal Leader’s Guide leader is dynamic, persuasive, organized and has the ability to engage the whole community in giving to missions. Download or order the OGM Leader’s Guide at, outlining roles and responsibilities of the Offering Leader, timelines, tips and more.

Set a Goal

“Every year we set a higher, more aspirational goal, because we are committed to helping more people in poverty or who have never heard the Gospel. And every year if we’re a little short of our goal, someone comes to me and writes a check to make up the difference. You can’t underestimate what God can do.” – Alice Wright Mull, Kentucky

Involve Everyone

Using the varied gifts and talents of church members can create an innovate, life-giving offering. Members can lead social media efforts, teach classes, head community missions projects and much more. In our church, we tap into the artistic talents of members to design graphics and materials to support our offering. – Christy Edwards, Missouri

Form Relationships with CBF Field Personnel 

Churches that have personal relationships with individual field personnel are always most enthusiastic about giving to missions. We have found that these relationships enrich and give new meaning and purpose to the Prayers of the People entire congregation, as well as to field personnel. It also opens doors to short-term mission trips and other opportunities. These relationships demystify ‘missions’ and make the work very real and tangible to the congregation. – Mark Wingfield, Texas

Innovative congregations are also tapping in to the expertise of field personnel in areas like cross-cultural communication, refugee relief, poverty, human trafficking and other topics. While field personnel are located around the world, congregations can communicate with them through video conferencing and other technology. They can also meet U.S.-based field personnel and engage international field personnel while they are here in the United States.

To have a CBF field personnel speak in person or via video conferencing with your congregation or class, subscribe at

Promote the Impact of Missions Year Round

There are a variety of resources to show the tangible results of missions giving. Sharing “Missions Moments” with the church can be a great way to show how the congregation’s giving transforms lives.

Be informed; make it your business to find out what’s going on within CBF Global Missions through Prayers of the People, fellowship! magazine, CBFblog and other resources. Be passionate; your attitude is contagious. – Alice Wright Mull, Kentucky

Download the short OGM impact videos to share the stories of your gifts at work at

Subscribe to Mission Bites, providing weekly quotes and updates from CBF field personnel to include in church bulletins, worship guides, newsletters and social media. Learn more at

Keep It Simple

Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio uses basic math to meet their annual lofty missions giving goals. The “l to 250” campaign not only increases participation and lessens the burden of any one person’s giving, but also makes a complex problem much more simple. We are looking for 250 people to each give an amount from $1 to $250 (which totals more than $30,000). The plan calls for people to give at their ability, and it challenges individuals and families to action. Even those who give $1 and $2 are encouraged by their participation and feel they are contributing to something significant. – Garrett Vickrey, Texas

Be Innovative

The women’s ministry at Central Baptist Church, Newnan, Ga., came to life with an added focus on missions and missions giving.

“Purses in the Pew” started about eight years ago when their women’s ministry was dying away. We decided to rally around these little ladies. We said, “leave your purse in the pew and come meet women in CBF.”

The church structured monthly lunch meetings, always featuring CBF women field personnel and other women ministers within CBF as speakers. They are particularly interested in topics relating to women and children, including school ministries, sewing and economic empowerment and human trafficking. They also give away a purse at every meeting. Through the missions’ emphasis and relationships that have developed over time with CBF field personnel, the group has grown from around 5 ladies to nearly 40. Missions giving has grown from $5 – $10 a week to now more than $7,000 per week. People can now support Purses in the Pew online. Younger women are joining the group and a nursery has been added, with the group now spanning three generations, and the women have supported each other through transitions, retirement, deaths of spouses, cancer and other illnesses. – Ann Cronic, Georgia


The most important element of any missions giving effort is to simply ask. “You have not because you ask not.”The number one reason people give to any cause is because they were asked, particularly by someone they know and trust.

Please share how your church is using creativity and innovation to ask for support of the Offering for Global Missions. Email Martha Perusek, CBF Director of Development, with your ideas at

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