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Prayers of Change

By Bo Prosser

The seasons are shifting. The heat of summer is giving way to the cool of autumn. Change is in the air. You can feel it almost every weekend as the football flies and the sweaters emerge. This is a good time to take stock in your spiritual life too. The “Examen” is a centuries old prayer practice looking at the blessings of God in your life and living deeper into God’s leadership.

For many this is a daily practice of prayer. Perhaps for you, this is a “seasonal” prayer or examination and change. However you might choose to practice this experience, know that God’s Spirit is in fellowship with you, leading you into a deeper, more intimate relationship with a mighty and loving God.

Here are the steps (this is my interpretation, you can find a ton of ideas for praying the Examen across the Internet):

1) Focus – look into your life with God’s eyes of love and grace

2) Thanksgiving – praise God for the abundant blessings in your life

3) Review – look back at the time period (the day, the month, the season), thankful for everything that has come your way

4) Be Real – face your shortcomings and ask God for help to  you change for the better moving forward

As you pray through these stages, choose one or two of the names from the prayer list at and ask that God’s Spirit also be with them as they examine their own lives and await God’s leadership moving forward. You will be amazed at what you discover. You will be more thankful for the goodness that God has bestowed upon you.

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