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Tennessee CBF: An Open Letter of Affirmation to First Baptist Church, Jefferson City, Tenn.

November 1, 2017

First Baptist Church
Jefferson City, Tennessee

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

In light of recent developments in the relationship between the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board (TBC) and First Baptist Church, Jefferson City, TN, we, the undersigned, write to affirm our love and support for you. The Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship family stands with you.

We are grateful for your consistent willingness to seek and follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Your commitment to the traditional Baptist hallmark of local church autonomy encourages us in our efforts to discern and act on the teachings of the Scriptures, as interpreted in light of Jesus Christ.

We welcome your new senior pastor, the Reverend Ellen Di Giosia, and look forward to working alongside her in the years to come. Rest assured, we shall support her ministry with our prayers, fellowship, and love.

We pledge our support for First Baptist Church, Jefferson City, as a full and cooperating partner in the Gospel ministry. And with gratitude for our historic and faithful kinship, we commit to pray God’s richest blessing on your future.

Grace and peace to you all.

Jesus is Lord,


Rick Bennett
Field Coordinator
Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (TCBF)

Thomas Quisenberry
Moderator, TCBF Coordinating Council
Senior Pastor, FBC Chattanooga, TN

View the full list of signatories here. 

3 thoughts on “Tennessee CBF: An Open Letter of Affirmation to First Baptist Church, Jefferson City, Tenn.

  1. I’m a proud member for 34 years of FBC of Jefferson City. I whole heartily support the calling and ministry of our new pastor Ellen. I believe it is “our finest hour”. As the scripture says, “Neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, and not male nor female”. Some preach “another gospel” and are still living under the law (a creedal gospel). “If Christ has set you free, then you are free indeed”. . . . It a Biblical thing!

  2. As an Episcopal priest, I applaud the courage of First Baptist Church in Jefferson City. May God’s peace be with you always.

  3. Thank you all for standing proud to have a female pastor or priest. GOD JUDGES . NOT us…i wish i lived near your church. I’d be in attendance as often as possible. BLESSINGS TO ALL. LOVE. RHONDA

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